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Our dedicated, local Employee Benefits team is backed by a strong national presence and has the ability to offer you a packaged suite of services. By managing your company’s risk efficiently and effectively, we allow you and your employees to focus on what matters most: driving your business forward.


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Alternative Funding Arrangements

By now, you’ve realized that the rules have changed in employer-sponsored health insurance since the enactment of the ...

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Benefit Consulting & Brokerage Services

The market is filled with companies that provide Benefits Consulting or Insurance Brokerage Services. Brown & Brown ...

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Compliance Consultation

No matter what hurdle our customers face, Brown & Brown of Virginia can help navigate the waters of compliance with ...

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By optimizing purchasing power, Brown & Brown of Virginia can help provide you with the proper protection and compet...

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Customized Employee Communications

Effective employee communication is a vital aspect of the employer-employee relationship because it shows employees that...

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Data & Plan Analysis

Altering plan design is one strategic solution we implement after analyzing your data; however, we can take it one step ...

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Healthcare Reform Guidance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has added to the already overwhelming amount of mandatory notices and documents required f...

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HR-Related Services

When you have an HR issue, there is no substitute for talking with an HR expert. Our team takes the time to understand y...

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Pharmacy Benefit Management

Pharmacy costs are one of the fastest rising in health care. Particularly, the persistent rise in the cost of specialty ...

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Plan Strategy & Administration

In order to offer a successful Employee Benefits Offering, we help you to create a multi-year strategy and provide you w...

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Reference-Based Pricing

Reference-Based Pricing offers self-insured plans a financial benefit structure based on more economical reimbursement l...

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Stop-Loss Consortium

Brown & Brown of Virginia can provide you with competitive purchasing options for stop-loss insurance. Through pr...

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Technology Solutions

Technology and benefits are colliding, and we believe it can be very beneficial! In recent years, we have seen a dramati...

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