Customized Employee Communications

Effective employee communication is a vital aspect of the employer-employee relationship because it shows employees that they are valued by the company. Conversely, a lack of communication can make them feel underappreciated, fostering discontentment, and low morale. Poor communication may also suggest to employees indifference to their performance and result in lower productivity. With all the possible channels for communication today, there are plenty of opportunities to supply employees with timely and accurate company news and information. In today’s technology age, communication options are seemingly endless. However, it’s important to balance technology-based channels with face-to-face contact, so that executives and managers stay visible and accessible to employees. Brown & Brown of Virginia is capable of supplying any form of communication that best fits your organization. HR Managers have direct access to our Employee Benefits Zywave portal for 24/7 access to the most updated compliance and communications resources available.


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