Embassy Insurance

Serving the Diplomatic Community for Over 50 Years with Embassy and Foreign Drivers Insurance

We have been serving the needs of residents and visitors to Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia since 1964. We have decades of experience helping people find the proper insurance protection for their motor vehicles and homes.

If you have recently arrived in the U.S., is international drivers insurance something you need to acquire? We can help with foreign drivers insurance in Washington, DC and the surrounding communities. Whether you drive a leased vehicle or an embassy car, there are important considerations. We also have experience insuring diplomatic fleets and limousines.

Benefit from Our Experience

  • We have advised many diplomats from all over the world on their need for embassy insurance.
  • We have established relationships with highly rated U.S. insurance companies that specialize in foreign driver insurance and insurance protection for consular vehicles.
  • We can help you navigate complicated regulations for driver’s licenses. We will help you determine whether your State Department-issued license or international driving permit (IDP) is sufficient.
  • We maintain the necessary records for short-term visitors and will have them available should you return to the United States.
  • We offer a wide range of personal insurance policies for residents and visitors and can consult with you about your particular situation.
  • We can provide information about renters insurance for your home.

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